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The Story of My Father(30-33) 我的父親(30-33)

He was even denied the chance to see his daughters on his deathbed. Wasn’t all of this caused by the CCP? I was very confident that my father’s soul would want me to declare his wish to cut any lasting ties with the party. 曾經因修煉法輪大法而使生命綻放異彩的他,如今卻這樣悲苦的離世,甚至在死前都不能見到他最鐘愛的女兒一面,這些不都是拜中共邪黨之所賜嗎?我深信,已經到了另外空間的父親一定會樂見我幫他聲明退黨。

The Story of My Father(17-18) 我的父親(17-18)

One day, after he finished dancing, my mother and sister were still doing their Falun Gong exercises. So he stood there and waited. Suddenly he saw a huge Falun (which should be invisible, in another dimension) as big as a swimming pool! 有一天,他跳完舞,妹妹和母親還沒煉完功,他就站在一邊等。等著等著,他自己說,他突然看見了(存在於另外空間的)法輪,足有游泳池那麼大!