Stay Unmoved 不動聲色

Only by considering others at all times and under all circumstances, can I have the wisdom to find out a way to deal with things so that I can push forward this matter forward without harming or hurting others. 真正能做到事事考慮別人、考慮別人的感受時,才能有這智慧,找到既能推進事情、又不傷害別人的作法吧!

Stock Market Plunge Reveals What Americans Need to Learn About China

Economic analyst Qin Peng said that Western analysts’ reaction was naive. In China, the public that is able to “jump over the Great Firewall” and read Western news sources is well aware of how to interpret the regime’s propaganda. If the White House disagrees with the regime, believe the White House. In general, assume the truth is the opposite of what the regime reports.