Chapter Ten: Using the Law for Evil

If we are unable to maintain the moral standards dictated by divine commandment as our criterion for recognizing ultimate good and evil, then we are doomed to lose our judicial independence to the communist specter. Agents under the influence of communism will use the law to suppress the righteous and promote the wicked—unwittingly executing the specter’splans to exterminate humanity. There is little time left to reverse this trend.


環保意識的興起出於人類自救的本能,本來無可厚非。但它給了邪靈可乘之機。共產邪靈利用其在人間的代理人,製造大規模的恐慌,鼓吹變異的價值觀,剝 奪人的自由權利,企圖建立大政府甚至全球政府。在這種被共產主義變異的思路裡解決環境問題,其結果是導致人類更快地被集體奴役和走向毀滅。