Revealing the Truth  Overcoming Our Inner Weaknesses

Revealing the Truth Overcoming Our Inner Weaknesses

by Professor Chang Ching-hsi, Professor in the Department of Economics at National Taiwan University. Heis also president of The Taiwan Falun Dafa Society.

In order to study human behaviour, social science has advanced many theories and models. It has employed various statistical inferences and estimation methodologies, involving, at times, complex mathematical deductions. These methods have served one and only one objective; that is to piece together, conceptually, the many parts of a puzzle in order to derive  the complete, true picture.

It is surprising at times,  when the complete picture is presented to us, some of us choose not to believe it, orpretend not to see it. The problem is that the truth will not thus disappear, and moreover, it will ultimately affect us all.

Put simply, "Witnessting History, one woman’s fight for freedom and Falun Gong " is a revelation of the truth. What truth is it revealing? It is the truth about China and, inextricably, the truth about its persecution of Falun Gong. This is the China that is unjustifiably exulted around the world — a China that is capricious, fraught with danger, and whose appearance of prosperity is but a front for the maladies within.

So what is the truth also about? A friend has sadly remarked to me: “Only when I read Ms Zeng’s book did I learn the truth about the human tragedies behind the incarcerations, the tribulations and the rumours endured by and surrounding those who uphold their faith in Falun Gong”.

This is exactly what it is!

The author, Jennifer Zeng, is a Falun Gong practitioner. From her initial bewilderment with life to her experience of the immense joy of discovering Falun Dafa, her story leads us into a far more important theme. Her nightmarish journey began as a result of her speaking out for Falun Dafa whilst it was suppressed by the Chinese government. She wrote of her own gut-wrenching, tortuous ordeals, as well as the sufferings endured by fellow practitioners, that she witnessed along the way. The sad fact is that this gross injustice is allowed to continue because the Chinese Communist Party is able to use its absolute control over the country’s media apparatus to spread outrageous lies and to cover up the truth.

When encountering evil, most people dread it and will shirk from it. When encountering a community of evil, many people would choose to compromise with it. Worse still, when encountering evil in the form of the rumour-mongering government of a nation, some people may even choose to collaborate with it. The truth is thus buried.

To gain conquest over evil, the truth must be made known. To disregard the truth is to tolerate and to abet evil.

Evil survives only in the dark; it dreads exposure the most. This book has capitalised on just such a perfect opportunity; it has taken it to expose the evil inside China. The uncovered truth must surely fire up the decency and righteousness in us; it will help to overcome the inner weaknesses in us.

When everyone is able to see this evil for what it is, and is willing to stand up and stare it in the face, it will be dwarfed. And when the truth is finally brought forth, evil will cease to exist.

English & Chinese version of Jennifer’s memoir available at(scroll down to order):



Jennifer in Taiwan in Jan. 2004, during her book launch events in Taiwan. 

Jennifer in Taiwan in Jan. 2004, during her book launch events in Taiwan. 

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