"Sweet and Strong"

"Sweet and Strong"

 I keep receiving very encouraging comments for my book Witnessing History and my Facebook posts. These are some examples: 

🎈 I just love how you are....You are a sweet and strong lovely person....It is hard to get both in one person....God blessings....Hugs

🎈 You remind me of "A Woman at Point Zero" by Nawal El Zadaawi. You've conquered the feared. You've stirred up the esteem and you've waded the murky waters to your zenith. Congratulations my dear!

🎈 Congratulations dear, real heroine don't fight in vain. You must achieve your goal. Even if the next minute happens to be your time of departure. He who sacrifices his life for the betterment of others in good ways will surely bear the mercy of Allah. Stay blessed.

🎈 Wow! So encouraging, keep fighting for humanity my beautiful heroine. And what does "Falun gong" mean please?

🎈  Keep up the fighting spirit. You are a real heroine..May God be with you  in ur quest for justice...

🎈 So touching. Your efforts will bear fruits, my dear. Keep on going.

🎈 Beautiful and strong lady. Am impressed by your work. 

🎈 It so touching, sister.

🎈 Thanks, keep on aim higher than this.

🎈 So encouraging

🎈 Thanks so much. It's good history

🎈 Your fight for justice won't go unnoticed.. May God remember them

🎈 Its a good story.

🎈Your articles are really sweet and motivated. 

🎈Keep up with the good work!







The Other Shore 彼岸

The Other Shore 彼岸