Speech at the Chinese Democratic Movement Conference in Canberra

Speech at the Chinese Democratic Movement Conference in Canberra

Speech on the Chinese Democratic Movement Conference in Canberra on behalf of the Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice   

   Here I would like to draw everyone’s attention to a great tide that is currently changing and will definitely change the Chinese history and the setup of the world: a great tide of abandoning the CCP globally. Up till 16 March, 308,770 people have declared publicly withdrawal from the CCP and its related organizations on the Internet.   

   The purpose that we will hold the Chinese Democratic Movement Conference in Australia in 2005 is to help mainland China transit peacefully to a democratic society as early as possible.  

   It is well known that the CCP’s autocracy is the enemy of democracy. China is one of the few countries with totalitarian regimes. The Chinese people have paid a very high cost in the process of realizing democracy.   

   What is relieving is that the CCP’s long term high pressure and bloody rule, its history of killing, the top-to-bottom corruption of its privileged class, the severe division between the poor and rich as well as injustice in the society have caused the Chinese people to lose completely their hope towards the CCP.   

   Last November, overseas Chinese media the Epoch Times published a series of articles - Nine Commentaries on CCP, giving a thorough and systematic analysis of the CCP and pointing out that the CCP is an “evil spirit” attached to the Chinese nation, and that “it is just a matter of time for the CCP to walk into its tomb”, so we need to start thinking how to transit into a society without the CCP.   

   The publication of the Nine Commentaries on CCP has generated strong reaction both inside and outside of China, in particular, the great tide of withdrawal of the CCP and its related organisations.  

   In December 2004, 2556 former CCP members resigned from the CCP. In January, this number increased to 4,629,and in February, it reached to 70,024. Since March, the number of people who resigning from the CCP increased very sharply, and it the peak time over 20,000 people resigned from it in a single day. Up till 10:22 p.m. Sydney time on 16 March, 308,770 people have resigned.  

   Despite the high pressure and the internet blockage of the CCP, there are still over 10,000 Chinese people a day who have successfully broken through the internet blockage and posted their declarations of resigning from CCP to the overseas website. The geometrically increasing number of people who resign from the CCP and the great, ascendant tide of abandoning the CCP, is in fact changing the political setup of China, and could very possibly lead to the rapid collapse of the CCP.   

   The Chinese people have already abandoned the CCP. They are like the people in all other countries and nationalities in the world, looking forward to the freedom, democracy, happiness and peace.   

   However it is a pity that such a grand historical tide and its underlying historical current, as well as the influence it will bring to China and the world, has not been concerned by the western society. In another word, the western media and governments are stagnant on this phenomenon.   

   Further, the media and governments of the western democratic countries do not have enough knowledge and understanding about the deceits of the CCP and their hooligan actions of exporting the state terrorism to overseas. They are even deceived and enticed by the fake flourishing economy intentionally covered up by the CCP, and abandon the fundamentals of their national principles: democracy, freedom and human rights.   

   For example, under the pressure of the CCP, the Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has been issuing certificates each month in the past three years, to limit Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful appeal in front of Chinese Embassy. This has made Australia the only country in the western democratic countries which does such thing.   

   Another example is CCP’s control of overseas Chinese communities and media. It has stretched its dark hands to the overseas by all means. Falun Gong practitioners have been excluded from the Chinese New Year celebration parades in Sydney and other countries for several years. Almost all the influential Chinese media have been controlled and bought off by the CCP. The Chinese embassies and consulates even ordered these media to fax their articles about certain topics to the embassies for the approval before getting them published.   

   Actually even the ordinary people who live in the reign of terror of the CCP know, that issues like Tiananmen Massacre and persecution of Falun Gong will surely be readdressed in the future. As a government official in a democratic country, why one would like to leave a stain for oneself in the history?   

   Is China’s economy really that flourishing as it appears? During the recent Chinese People''''s Political Consultative Conference, even the head of the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics was openly condemning the fabrications of the statistics all over the country. For example, the total of the GDP published or estimated by each province was 2583.35 billion Yuan more than the national GDP, and the total of the fabricated statistics almost equals to the financial income of the whole country in a year. In 2004, the total of the GDP submitted by each province shows 3.9 basis points higher than the rate of the increase of the national GDP published the Bureau.   

   In order to stop such “international jokes”, the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics has declared to withdrawal the right of each province to announce its GDP.   

   The above is just a very simple and straightforward example. As there is no freedom of information, nor the democratic supervising system, the China that the western world can see is only a fake China that the CCP has finely covered up. It is very dangerous to deal with a fake China.   

   The Global Coalition to Bring Jiang to Justice is dedicated to protecting the future of humanity by mobilizing concerned groups and individuals worldwide with the purpose of stopping persecution and genocide in its tracks. Together, the Coalition will ensure justice is served to the perpetrators in the court of conscience and the court of morality, as well as courts of law. Jiang and his followers has been sued in over 20 countries all over the world.   

   We expect that Jiang will be brought to sentence in mainland China. The reason that Jiang could commit so many anti-human crimes when he was in power, including initiating the cruel persecution of Falun Gong which led to at least 1400 death cases, and detaining prisoners of consciences for their speech or promote the democracy in China, is closely linked to his taking advantage of each other with the CCP.   

   We hereby call the Australian government and people to support Chinese people’s historical choice casting aside the CCP and seeking for the freedom and democracy. Please do not get puzzled, deceived orhorrified by the CCP. Please firmly stand by the justice and the Chinese people. Only a China with the freedom and democracy, a China saying “bye for ever” to the CCP, is the China that the world is expecting.   

   Thank you.   

   17 March, 2005

Jennifer at the conference.

Jennifer at the conference.