I Am Flower

I Am Flower

By Gerard Traub


I am flower

seeking the dawning sun

my fragrance awakening memories

closer than the hour

lifting senses into unseen horizons.


I am hues green to golden

of light still unfamiliar to the eye

petals fired into form

calling upon leaf and field

a song urgent yet silent

through the passage of seasons.


How I delight in the drenching rain

dance with the swirling wind

even to the rage of storm I stand.

You would classify me by name

but I am no less like you

finding one heart the same

sentient beckoned from seed to bloom.


I draw courage from the earth

my song from all creation 

the oceans whispering inside me

where thunder is calmed

and atoms to stars rest in my flame.


I have endured endless summers

the icy clutches of winter

I have seen your civilisations fall

to rise again in other lands.


Let my voice be heard

above the clamour of human progress

let my expression in your world

echo your true origins and knowing

that you may once again return

whether upon wings of prayer or dreams

finding the garden that has already

long seeded and blossomed deep within you.

Take solace in my beauty

for you are born of soul

and I am flower

bathing here in the setting sun.

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專制政府壓迫民眾到極限 人心則思變