Am I Turning Back to a Youth?我重返20了嗎?

Am I Turning Back to a Youth?我重返20了嗎?

Jan 10, 2017

In order to get myself really prepared for tomorrow’s Shen Yun show, I went to the Walmart Vision Center to get a pair of glass, as I’m getting a little bit near eye-sighted in recent years. I want to see Shen Yun really clearly; and I don’t want to miss any details.爲了明天能看清神韻演出的一切,我今天去Walmart配眼鏡。我以前從沒戴過眼鏡,視力一直保持得不錯,可近來卻覺得有些近視了。我可不想錯過神韻演出中的任何細節。

When the doctor checked my vision and learned that I had never worn glasses before, she felt very strange, saying that usually people at my age (I am 50 years old by the way) could see clearly at things in distance, but not at close up objects. My vision is just the opposite. I asked the doctor, “Could it because I work on the computer too much?”


She abruptly interrupted and said, “No! That kind of thing should stop happening 20 years ago.”


I knew what she meant. People usually become near eye-sighted when they are young. And there is an old saying in China that you develop presbyopia when you reach 47 or 48.


Then the doctor became very worried and said I should visit my private doctor to check my blood sugar level to see if my “abnormal” eyesight had anything to do with diabetes, etc, etc. 


Upon hearing this, I secretly giggled in my heart like a 15-year-old girl instead of 50: “No, thank you doctor. But I happily don’t have a private doctor.”


Yes, since I practiced Faun Gong in 1997, I have never got sick, never seen any doctor; and I never bought any medical insurance. How happy! Falun Gong enabled me to understand the fundamental reason why people have sickness; as well as how to get rid of any sorts of diseases. It really works!


Several years ago, my Medicare card issued by the Australian government expired, so I went to get a new one. In Australia, every permanent resident can have a Medicare card and enjoy free health care. As the Medicare card is issued by the government, it is also usually used as one’s ID card.


When the staff checked my information in order to issue me a new card, she found that there was no record of my seeing a doctor or spending anything on medication at all in the past 10 years; and asked me if I had really been in Australia in these 10 years. The reason she asked this was, if one did not stay in Australia permanently, he or she was not eligible for a Medicare card. 


I said yes, I had been in Australia in the past 10 years with no doubt; only I have never seen a doctor. 


But she didn’t believe me whatsoever. I guess it was because she had never seen anyone who had not seen a doctor in 10 years. So she asked me to go back home and bring back my passport to prove that I had been in Australia in the past 10 years. Only after I showed her my passport record did she believe me!


So today I can happily say that I have not seen a doctor for 20 years (except for the doctor who checked my eyesight today), ever since I practiced Falun Gong in 1997. I know that sickness has nothing to do with me whatsoever. 


So, my own explanations for my “abnormal” shortsightedness are:


1.     I have been working too hard on computer;


2.     I need to do more Falun Gong exercises;


3.     I am turning back into a youth.


Which one would you choose, my dear friends?


Have I Turned Back to 20 with Glasses? 戴上眼鏡 我重返20了嗎?

Have I Turned Back to 20 with Glasses? 戴上眼鏡 我重返20了嗎?

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