Untitled 无题

Untitled 无题

By Yuan Xi, translated into English by Jennifer 文:元曦 英文翻譯:曾錚

I would rather immerse myself in the world of poetry, where flowers come into blossom and birds are forever singing in the everlasting radiance of spring. Away from the everyday world, there are few conflicts or disputes. However, history is different. The grandeur and glory, the vicissitudes and tribulations, the many grievances, the rights and wrongdoings, are often too heavy for me to bear. Many times I cannot continue my reading, with tears falling from my eyes. Yet, perhaps it is my mission. I have to return to our history, as if to live it through once more.


Of grandeur and glory 

The play of China's five thousand year history might be


Yet why do I feel so sad and lonely?


Endless stories and tragedies cannot all be written down


Even after oceans have turned into dry lands

Vicissitudes and tribulations are still here with us.


Once deeply involved in the play

Where are you and I today?


Closing my book, I look up to the skies for an answer


But only bitterness fills my eyes

And turns into tears


Am I too absurd?

Laugh at me if you may. 


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