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Congressional Hearing Considers Smart Competition With China

In a sign of the significance with which Congress is now regarding matters relating to China, over twenty members of the House of Representatives attended a recent Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing, making statements and asking probing questions. While part of the hearing was retrospective, looking at past relations, the urgent question was how the United States should deal with China today.

Chinese Regime Shocked by Tariff Increases; Chinese Netizens Celebrate

Two tweets by President Donald Trump about raising tariffs on Chinese goods caused Chinese stock markets to tumble and media to speculate that the trade negotiations with China wouldn’t go forward. And while Chinese official media have been silent on Trump’s decision to raise tariffs, Chinese netizens are celebrating and calling Trump the “Great Savior” of the Chinese people.

A Whistleblower Charges Boeing Jets Have Substandard Parts

While investigators are busy trying to figure out what may have caused the crashes of Boeing’s 737 MAX jetliners, a whistleblower who was formerly East Asia Supply Chain Manager of Boeing’s flight control system contractor has intensified his efforts to bring to light an issue that has been troubling him for the past three years: substandard parts made in China with non-aerospace material have been installed in Boeing 777 and 737 planes that are still in service.