“A glimpse not just of the true face of the Chinese government but of the threat holiness poses to the powerful….A useful counterbalance to the reckless enthusiasm of our leaders and media for the Chinese miracle…Should be mandatory reading.”

-Sydney Morning Herald

“[A] hair-raising first-person look at China’s brutal concentration camps… China watchers should be attentive to this simply written but invaluable report from the front.”
—Publishers Weekly
“[Zeng’s] description of abuse and torture, including electric-shock treatment, constitutes an often harrowing, powerful reminder of what can happen when government power runs unchecked.”


“This Book Should be Compulsory Reading for the Younger Generation"

-Journal of Society of Women Writers NSW Inc, Australia


“Witnessing History: one woman's fight for freedom and Falun Gong” is the world’s first, first-person account of what life is like inside the Chinese re-education camps, and offers an unusual and in-depth insight of Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Gong, which has last for more than 18 years, and is regarded as the largest scale human rights disaster in the 21st century. The persecution has directly and greatly impacted Chinese society, and has also brought indirect but important impacts on the relationships between China and the world.  

該書2004年1月在台湾出版后,两周内即跻身金石堂畅销书排行榜,三月內再刷八次;英文版「Witnessing History:One Woman’s Fight for Freedom and Falun」由《魔戒》的原始出版者、澳洲最大的出版商Allen & Unwin出版后亦持续热销,三个月内再刷两次。其讀者包括臺灣前總統李登輝等各界名流。

Since its publication in Taiwan in January 2004, the Chinese version of “Witnessing History” became a best seller in two weeks; has been reprinted 8 times in three months. Its readers include former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui.

《悉尼晨鋒報》稱,《靜水流深》應該成爲政治家及記者們的必讀物(compulsory reading)。澳洲紐省女作家協會前主席Valerie Pybus則表示,《靜水流深》應該成爲年輕一代的必讀物(Compulsory Reading for the Younger Generation)。

The English version was published by Allen & Uwin in Australia in 2005, and reprinted twice in 3 months. In 2006, it was also published in the U.S.
“Witnessing History” and Jennifer’s story was later featured in multi-award winning documentary “Free China: the courage to believe”. The film has been translated in 27 languages and screened at over 1,500 venues in more than 41 countries, and at the US Congress, UK Parliament, European Parliament, Israeli Parliament, Swedish Parliament, Italian Parliament  London School of Economics, Google Headquarters, American Philosophical Society, etc, within 2 years since its release. 

2012年,《靜水流深》及曾錚的故事被搬入銀幕,拍攝爲紀錄片《自由中國:有勇氣相信》。該片上映後,曾入圍第86屆奧斯卡最佳紀錄片,最佳原創配樂和歌曲競逐,並獲2013年好萊塢影視傳媒音樂獎「最佳獨立電影/紀錄片/短片歌曲」、第12屆花園州電影節「國際最佳專題紀錄片」、NOIDA国际电影节「最佳纪录片」、美國丹佛國際言論自由影展「最佳影片」、美國Insight Free Speech影展首獎等多個國際大獎,在不到兩年的時間內,在美國國會、歐洲議會總部、以色列國會、瑞典國會、英國議會、意大利國會、加拿大議會、日本東京都議會、谷歌公司總部、多家知名高校及41個國家舉行超過1500場放映會,影片現已被翻譯爲27種不同語言。

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