Pear Blossom 梨花詩

By Yuan Xi from White Cloud Poetry Society | Version A | Translated by Translated by Jennifer Zeng and Damian Robin

Standing alone in Spring, whose courtyard is this?

             Briskly, east wind overspills the wall,           

A thousand trees of sudden burning snow, 

             pear blossom’s fragrance scorching lane and trail.           

Night descends, they beacon back the moon. 

            At daybreak, they’re caressed by misty cool.

While Qingming*’s coming, they’re first to grasp Spring’s soul, 

           making this far-off place beautiful.


I’m wondering: were they beings cast down          

          to earth, to experience, whole, life’s jail?             

In cold night dreams they still remember lightness, 

          home beyond the cloudy mountains’ rail.


Version B | Translated by Jennifer Zeng and Gerard Traub

Standing alone in the Spring


Whose courtyard is this?

The east wind arrives with vigor

A thousand trees suddenly blooming in white

The fragrance of pear flowers reaching every remote lane and trail


As night descends

They beam under the bright moonlight

When daylight breaks

They are tenderly caressed by the cool mist


With Qingming* near in sight

They are first to catch the essence of spring

Beautiful in this remote corner of the world


I wonder whether they were once other beings

Cast down to earth to experience life here

Within their dreams in the cold of night

They still remember their homes

Beyond the cloudy mountains


* The Qingming or Ching Ming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, is a traditional Chinese festival on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. This makes it the 15th day after the Spring Equinox, either 4 or 5 April in a given year. Other common translations include Chinese Memorial Day and Ancestors' Day.

-Inspired by the photos below by Benny Zhang Studio taken at Jiangsu and Anhui Province, China. 詩歌靈感來自張炳乾 (Benny Zhang Studio)以下攝影作品,照片攝於安徽婺源及江蘇江寧.


文:白雲詩社 元曦 | 英文翻譯:曾錚 


寂歷三春誰家院  浩蕩東風吹過牆

玉樹千枝燃白雪  曲徑深巷梨花香

夜半溶溶光浸月  晝永脈脈煙生涼

時逢清明得氣早  開得冷艷天一方

仙子瑤台名有籍  謫來立盡小劫長

夢裡輕寒尤料峭  認取雲山是故鄉

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Happy Easter 復活節快樂!

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